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News from Competence Area V "Food Security"

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Article "Was wir in Zukunft essen" in KÖLNER UNIVERSITÄTSMAGAZIN

More infomation about Competence Area V "Food Security":

1st Cologne Conference on Food for Future took place in Cologne, September 5th-7th 2018:
Please visit the conference website: Food-for-Future


News from CEPLAS


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and article "Was wir in Zukunft essen" in KÖLNER UNIVERSITÄTSMAGAZIN

The 11th International Sulfur Workshop took place in Conegliano, September 2018:

New publications from the group

Jacoby R.P., Kopriva S. (2018) Metabolic niches in the rhizosphere microbiome: New tools and approaches to analyse metabolic mechanisms of plant-microbe nutrient exchange. J. Exp Bot. in press

Takou M., Wieters B., Kopriva S., Coupland G., Linstädter A., de Meaux J. (2018) Linking genes with ecological strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana. J. Exp Bot. in press

Ashykhmina N., Lorenz M., Frerigmann H., Koprivova A., Hofsetz E., Stührwohldt N., Flügge U.-I., Haferkamp I-, Kopriva S., Gigolashvili T., (2018) PAPST2 plays a critical role for PAP removal from the cytosol and subsequent 1 degradation in plastids and mitochondria. Plant Cell, in press

Samuilov S., Rademacher N., Brilhaus D., Flachbart S., Arab L., Kopriva S., Weber A.P., Mettler-Altmann T., Rennenberg H. (2018) Knock-down of the phosphoserine phosphatase gene disturbs the cross-talk of S with C and N metabolism upon Cd treatment in Arabidopsis thaliana. Front Plant Sci. 9, 1830 [full text]

Samuilov S., Brilhaus D., Rademacher N., Flachbart S., Arab L., Alfarraj S., Kuhnert F., Kopriva S., Weber A.P., Mettler-Altmann T., Rennenberg H. (2018) The photorespiratory BOU gene mutation alters sulfur assimilation and its crosstalk with carbon and nitrogen metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana. Front Plant Sci. 9:1709. [full text]

Gerlich S.C., Walker B.J., Krueger S., Kopriva S. (2018) Sulfate metabolism in C4 Flaveria species is controlled by the root and connected to serine biosynthesis. Plant Physiol. 178, 565-582. [full text]

Kopriva S., Chu C.C. (2018) Are we ready to improve phosphorus homeostasis in rice? J. Exp. Bot. 69, 3515-3522. [full text]

Jacoby R.P., Martyn A., Kopriva S. (2018). Exometabolomic profiling of bacterial strains cultivated using Arabidopsis root extract as the sole carbon source. MPMI 31, 803-813. [full text]

Jobe T.O., Kopriva S. (2018) A20126 -Sulfur metabolism in plants. In Encyclopedia of Life Sciences ( [Abstract]

Aghajanzadeh T.A., Reich M., Kopriva S., De Kok L.J. (2018) Impact of Chloride (NaCl, KCl) and Sulfate (Na2SO4, K2SO4) Salinity on Glucosinolates Metabolism in Brassica rapa. J. Agron. Crop Sci. 204, 137-146. [full text]

Published books:

Advances in Botanical Research, Vol. 80
Kopriva S. (ed)





The Frontiers in Plant Science Research Topic on Sulfur is now available as ebook:
Frontiers of Sulfur Metabolism in Plant Growth, Development, and Stress Response


The BIONUT-ITN is still available:

Nutrient Use Efficiency in Plants,  Concepts and Approaches.
Plant Ecophysiology Series, Vol. 10
Hawkesford, Malcolm J., Kopriva, Stanislav, De Kok, Luit J. (Eds.)